ebb & flow

It's on. It's most definitely on.

Silliness tends to come in waves. It builds offshore, barely registering as a swell in the collective urge to burst into spontaneous song. Then something causes the wave to crest and break. Late night at the library is definitely a catalyst, as are the Four Horsemen of Finals Week (1. Caffeine 2. Candy 3. Sleep deprivation 4. More caffeine). And then there are those people — let’s call them your friends — who know your weakness for karaoke and will use whatever tools at their disposal (namely the powdered wig you bought last year in Colonial Williamsburg) to convince you to perform Bruno Mars' "That's What I Like" á la Thomas Jefferson. Come to think of it, that is an excellent idea.

Prom Dress Rugby. Screen on the Green. Busch Gardens Day. The Charter Day Concert. Last Day of Classes Bash. Alpha Epsilon Pi’s annual Pi Day pie throwing and pie eating contest. Does William & Mary know how to have fun? Yes, please.

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