one & allHouse Build is just one of the many partnerships that student groups and alumni have developed with various local organizations to provide assistance for the underserved. This house was built on campus and then moved to another part of the Williamsburg area.
one & all
And all for them.

We are extremely lucky to be William & Mary students. We know that. If you're here, you probably have been blessed with a level of health, educational resources, family support and all-around love that most of the world can only dream about. We also know that when we put our heads and hands together, we can confront real social problems.

bread & butterA student reaches for a book on the rolling ladder of the philosophy department's library. No matter where you are on campus, you are close to either Swem, our main library, or many of our departmental collections.
bread & butter
A is for Aristotle. B is for Boethius. C is for Camus.

Or maybe A is for Archimedes. B is for Bohr. And C is for Curie. Or Archery, Baseball and Curling. But if there's a shared passion at William & Mary — and William & Mary is nothing if not a place of passions — it is a passion for books. Printed and digital. Ancient and modern. We consume books. They are our sustenance and solace.

down & dirtyMen's Rugby is just one of many club sports available to William & Mary students. In fact, William & Mary fields 23 Division I NCAA athletic teams, more than 40 club sports teams and hundreds of intramural teams.
down & dirty
Obsession loves company.

At William & Mary, we tend to be waaay into what we're into (and what you're doing looks pretty cool, too). Just look at the a cappella scene. Yes, we'd call 12 high-caliber a cappella groups on a campus of 6,300 undergraduates a "scene." And that is only one of the peculiar passions that fuel more than 450(!) active student clubs.

sound & furyA student slips into Ewell Hall, home of the music department, to play on one of the many pianos that populate the hall.
sound & fury
Don't underestimate the power of a good imagination.

Your anthropology professor leads the class on an expedition to Kiskiak, a Native American site where the Powhatan lived for 1,500 years before Europeans landed at Jamestown.



Take a moment to explore the "ands" that make up the lives of the W&M community

thunder & lightning<em>Apathy in Yellow</em> by Aaron Drew is one of the many works showcased at the annual student art show that takes place in the Andrews Gallery.
thunder & lightning
Your mind is like the sky.

Sure, there are established pathways for ideas. The jet stream, the prevailing winds and exchanges of heat and moisture that provide sense and sensibility to all that intellectual traffic. There are days of light and clarity when it seems like you can think for miles. But then there are those moments of turmoil, when a bit of anxiety puts the currents in conflict.

facts & figuresThe Crim Dell bridge is the most photographed and romantic spot on campus. Graduating seniors walk over the bridge on their way to the Commencement ceremony.
facts & figures

We're famous for our rigorous liberal arts curriculum and our dedicated, engaged professors. Our students are nothing short of exceptional; they're scholars, athletes, activists, musicians, world travelers and generous volunteers.

leaps & boundsA professor leads students on the annual geology and canoeing field trip along the James River. Students comb through sediment to uncover various rocks and closely observe the geological features of the shoreline.
leaps & bounds
Teacher = Researcher = Mentor = Learner

Here's a fun game. Walk down to the Crim Dell and watch a team of William & Mary faculty and students wade knee deep into the pond scum to collect samples of a brand-new species of bacteriophage. Then observe professors and students huddled around an editing station debating the correct wording of English subtitles.

hide & seekMany of our famed brick paths lead to the Sunken Garden, a colonial affectation and our version of a campus quad. On a bright sunny day (and we have a lot of those), you can find students in the Sunken Garden playing Frisbee, kickball, pick-up football or even attending class.
hide & seek
What can you learn from a weathered brick wall?

Or a silent bronze statue? Or a meandering path through a clutch of loblolly pines? At William & Mary, you learn the value of being surrounded by natural beauty and living history.

naked & friendlyThe William & Mary Griffin—part lion, part eagle—is our mascot.
naked & friendly
Our own private Groundhog Day.

If we could choose to live one day over and over again ad infinitum, it would be move-in day of our freshman year at William & Mary. It was as if every person we met had made a pact with him or herself to leave high school behind entirely.

slings & arrowsOn Commencement eve, graduating seniors gather in front of the Wren Building for the Candlelight Ceremony. Favorite professors and staff reminisce about the year's crop of soon- to-be-graduates' time at William & Mary. Then the air fills with the words and melody of the <em>Alma Mater</em> as candles are lit and passed around to all in attendance.
slings & arrows

Think of William & Mary as one of those giant medieval cross bows and our graduating seniors as the arrows in its quiver. (Yeah, we know they're actually ballistas, and they fire bolts not arrows, but go with us here.) Ready, aim high and THWANG!

home & awayMove-In Day signals the arrival of new students. On that day in August, the streets and parking lots in and around campus are overflowing with cars, vans and trucks filled to the brim with everything students need to turn their residence hall room into home.
home & away
Home is where your socks are.

At some point during your second week at William & Mary, you're going to be at the IHOP with some hallmates or finishing your first serious late-night study session at Swem and you're going to say it. "Let's go home."

near & farA William & Mary student stands above Machu Picchu, an Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains in Peru.
near & far
William & Mary students are a curious bunch.

Ravenous is probably a better word. Not only do they want to read about anything and hear about everything, but they want to see it and smell it and feel it for themselves. And who can blame them?

heart & soulFans cheer at the Gold Rush Game as William & Mary's Men's Basketball team moves back into first place in the Colonial Athletic Association with a hard-fought win.
heart & soul
One team, one Tribe.

First, a tip. If you're going to wake up at 6:33am on a Saturday and board a bus with 68 other Tribal Fever members to travel an hour to watch your Tribe football team take on the University of Richmond, carefully read the back of the five-gallon buckets of green and yellow house paint your buddy Jerome grabbed at Home Depot. "NOT FOR USE ON SKIN."

fast & furiousWilliam & Mary wins a CAA semi-final thriller in double overtime against Hofstra.
fast & furious
Where the smart kids win.

The Griffin is an unexpected combination. With the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion, this creature of legend was believed to possess both furious strength and remarkable intelligence. We chose the Griffin as our mascot because our student-athletes are an equally unexpected combination of academic ability and physical agility.

first & foremostThomas Jefferson is arguably our most famous alumnus (although Jon Stewart '84 gives him a run for his money). The University of Virginia (which Jefferson founded) presented the statue of Jefferson to William & Mary in the 1990s in hopes of settling a centuries-old Jeffersonian debt.
first & foremost
Making history since 1693.

William & Mary has been around so long that we still refer to America as "the new guy." The first permanent English settlement was established in Virginia in 1607 right down the road at Jamestown, and the original plans for W&M were drafted 11 years later.

mix & mingleWilliam & Mary students dance to the music of the Roots at the inaugural Charter Day concert. Charter Day occurs every February and is the celebration of W&M's birthday.
mix & mingle
The friendliest four years of your life.

Let's cast our minds back to the era known as B.F. (Before Facebook). Back in B.F., not only did mankind have to live without constant notifications that Margaret Wheeler responded to Omar Boyd's comment on Adam Montgomery's photo of his new haircut, but we might not have even cared.

ebb & flowWilliam & Mary students hurtle down the Griffon rollercoaster during Busch Gardens Day held each fall. The amusement park is just a few miles from campus.
ebb & flow
It's on. It's most definitely on.

Silliness tends to come in waves. It builds offshore, barely registering as a swell in the collective urge to burst into spontaneous song. Then something causes the wave to crest and break. Late night at the library is definitely a catalyst, as are the Four Horsemen of Finals Week (1. Caffeine 2. Candy 3. Power naps 4. More caffeine).

fire & iceProfessor Brian Kreydatus and students work together to perfect print-making techniques in the Lake Matoaka Art Studio.
fire & ice
Good art is a full-body experience.

The Old Power Plant Ceramic Studio is a centuries-old building that was converted into a ceramic studio more than 40 years ago by artist/professor Marlene Jack. Inside, a half-dozen William & Mary students are bent over their potter's wheels, smocks spattered with clay, arms stained to the elbow, brows furrowed in singular concentration.

warp & woofA student studies in a Kinesiology & Health Sciences laboratory.
warp & woof
The art of science.

They're called "canned labs." They're the type of scientific experimentation where the outcomes are known from the outset. It's the scientific equivalent of painting by numbers and a big reason why science and engineering are wrongfully equated with rules and restriction.

pride & joyFans cheer on Tribe football during Homecoming Weekend.
pride & joy
And now a word from our numbers.

Maybe we've been too hard on numbers. At a smallish liberal arts university like William & Mary, we like to say that "you're more than a number." But maybe that gives you the impression that numbers are bad. We like numbers. Some of our best friends are numbers.

show & tellThe Filipino-American Student Association dance group performs at the Harvest Moon Festival, a part of Family Weekend.
show & tell
Please share.

Yes, that's an African-American guy in the Bhangra dance troupe. And yes, that's a Latina attending the NAACP meeting. It's not that we don't "see" color at William & Mary (frankly, that's ridiculous), we just don't believe in keeping a good thing to yourself.

dollars & senseA faculty processional, with faculty in full academic regalia, starts the proceedings for William & Mary's Opening Convocation.
dollars & sense
Ivy league caliber, state school price.

What does it mean to be a "Public Ivy?" It means that William & Mary offers an exceptional liberal arts education — small classes (12:1 student-to-faculty ratio), inspiring professors, hands-on research and a vibrant intellectual and social community — for an exceptional value.

bound & determinedWilliam & Mary Fulbright Scholar and Associate Physics Professor Seth Aubin and two of his students examine cold atoms in his lab in the Integrated Science Center.
bound & determined
William & Mary is a research university.

Let's say that again so it sinks in: William & Mary is a research university. Sure, it looks like a quaint liberal arts college, but underneath that red brick exterior is a finely tuned engine of discovery.

majors & minorsThe Acuff Financial Markets Center at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business was designed to be a close approximation of the trading floors on Wall Street.
majors & minors

William & Mary's more than 100 majors and minors are designed to be an all-you-can-learn, all-you-can-experience experience, where you'll be given the academic resources and intellectual freedom to make all kinds of novel, creative and useful connections.

pomp & circumstanceThe Wren Building is the oldest university building still standing in the United States.
pomp & circumstance
The Wren is the oldest academic building in America.

Thomas Jefferson slept and studied in the Wren as a 16-year-old, and its courtyard is the literal and symbolic heart of the William & Mary campus. It is where we gather for some of our most time-honored and anxiously-awaited traditions.

tried & trueWilliam & Mary fans celebrate with the Griffin during a homecoming football game.
tried & true
A Tribe for life.

Everyone loves the two-dollar bill. Just like everyone loves fake journalism, movies, rockets and the Pittsburgh Steelers (at least in Pittsburgh). But William & Mary alumni get a special kick out of all five.

cause & effectTwo William & Mary students pose in Colonial Williamsburg stocks. The historic area in Williamsburg is directly adjacent to the university and is one of the nation's largest living history museums.
cause & effect
Is it a crime to get paid to do something you love?*

Study something that moves you. Work hard because you want to work hard. Learn how to read closely, argue convincingly, experiment eclectically and think globally. Then take this extraordinary liberal arts education out into the world and do something that shoves you out of bed in the morning.