bound & determined

William & Mary is a research university.

Let's say that again so it sinks in: William & Mary is a research university. Sure, it looks like a quaint liberal arts college, but underneath that red brick exterior is a finely tuned engine of discovery. W&M is home to 20 research centers and 70% of undergraduates participate in mentored research or independent study.

W&M students are blessed with top-notch resources and research facilities. Future marine biologists spend a semester tracking freshwater eels at our coastal outpost, the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. Budding art historians dig into the archives of the Muscarelle Museum of Art in search of a forgotten masterpiece. And future anthropologists and archaeologists dig through our historic campus (literally this time) in search of stories from our past. It's a hands-on, brains-on, active education that prepares undergraduates for immediate success in graduate school or wherever their passions lead.

Third verse, same as the first: William & Mary is a research university.