bread & butter

A is for Aristotle. B is for Boethius. C is for Camus.

Or maybe A is for Archimedes. B is for Bohr. And C is for Curie. Or Archery, Baseball and Curling. But if there's a shared passion at William & Mary — and William & Mary is nothing if not a place of passions — it is a passion for books. Printed and digital. Ancient and modern. We consume books. They are our sustenance and solace. That may be why, after maybe the Wren Building and the Wawa across the road (sometimes you need actual bread and butter, like, at 4:00am), Swem Library is among the more popular places on campus. It's where we go to hide. It's where we go to socialize. It's even where we have dance parties. (Okay, we have dance parties everywhere.)

But most of all, it's where we go for books. Over 1.5 million of them at last count, plus hundreds of thousands of periodicals, journals, full-text electronic databases and the boundary stone from the original campus gate that's more than 325 years old.

Visit W&M and we'll see you at Swem.