cause & effect

Is it a crime to get paid to do something you love?*

Study something that moves you. Work hard because you want to work hard. Learn how to read closely, argue convincingly, experiment eclectically and think globally. Then take this extraordinary liberal arts education out into the world and do something that shoves you out of bed in the morning; something that matters. That's the William & Mary effect.

If you're looking for a recession-proof education, look no further than the liberal arts and sciences rooted in our innovative COLL Curriculum. The beauty of a W&M liberal arts education — no matter which of our more than 100 majors and minors you choose — is that you will be endowed with the critical thinking, research and communication skills to dive confidently into a broad spectrum of rewarding, creative and challenging careers. W&M produces presidents and poets, biomedical researchers and Broadway actors, human rights advocates and human resources executives.

Where will W&M take you?

*Only if you love grand larceny, high seas piracy, hunting out of season or cat burglary.