leaps & bounds

Teacher = Researcher = Mentor = Learner

Here's a fun game. Walk down to the Crim Dell and watch a team of William & Mary faculty and students wade knee deep into the pond scum to collect samples of a brand-new species of bacteriophage. Then head over to Swem's Reeder Media Services and observe professors and students huddled around an editing station debating the correct wording of English subtitles for a Cuban documentary film that hasn’t been released yet. Now, using magic markers, please indicate who are the teachers (red) and who are the learners (blue). (Hint: throw away the red marker.)

In a "normal" college classroom, the teacher is the lady or gentleman standing up front and the learners are those bored-looking people tapping on their laptops. Part of the confusion at W&M is that professors and students are so often working side-by-side, actively engaged in the very same research, learning with and from one another and sharing the thrill of genuine discovery.

Come to W&M and join forces with a professional learner.