mix & mingle

The friendliest four years of your life.

Let's cast our minds back to the era known as B.F. (Before Facebook). Back in B.F., not only did mankind have to live without constant notifications that Margaret Wheeler responded to Omar Boyd's comment on Adam Montgomery's photo of his new haircut, but we might not have even cared. In the Facebook era, the word "friend" has been so diluted as to mean "someone you might have met once or maybe that other guy." That's why William & Mary is so refreshing.

There are 6,000 undergraduates at W&M and at least 11 of these people are going to become your really good friends. These are the kinds of friends who say yes to a road trip without knowing the destination. The kinds of friends who laugh all the way through your stand-up comedy debut, even though you rehearsed it in front of them for six weeks. The kinds of friends who will remember your birthday — without a Facebook reminder — and make you yellow box cake with strawberry frosting, because they know it's your favorite, even though it's disgusting.

Come to W&M and meet your new best friends.