one & all

And all for them.

We are extremely lucky to be William & Mary students. We know that. If you're here, you probably have been blessed with a level of health, educational resources, family support and all-around love that most of the world can only dream about. We also know that when we put our heads and hands together, we can confront real social problems — hunger, homelessness, educational inequality — with creative solutions, hard work and hope.

Social justice is not just a 300-level course at W&M; it's a campus credo. We produce more Peace Corps volunteers and Teach for America corps members than almost any mid-sized college in the nation. Our Campus Kitchen has served more than 10,000 meals to the community using food donated by local restaurants. Our student-run bone marrow drive is the largest in the country. And W&M students average 245,000 service hours annually through 90 local and regional service partnerships.

We call this a "scholarship of engagement," but you could also call it doing the right thing.