sound & fury

Don't underestimate the power of a good imagination.

Your anthropology professor leads the class on an expedition to Kiskiak, a Native American site where the Powhatan lived for 1,500 years before Europeans landed at Jamestown. You're here to collect evidence — fragments of artifacts, native plant specimens, photos of manmade landscape features — and to piece together those scraps of truth into a clearer picture of daily life in Kiskiak. You have objective tools at your disposal — carbon dating, 3D site mapping software — but perhaps the greatest tool is your own "narrative imagination," honed by William & Mary faculty in the humanities and social sciences.

William & Mary believes so strongly in the humanities because they train us to think outside of ourselves, to imagine the experience of people living on the other side of the world, or even the other side of town. We feed our active imaginations with history, literature, art, philosophy, music, culture and travel. The result is a limber mind that can accommodate new ideas and approach problems from fresh perspectives. The kind of mind that can succeed in every field and career.

Study the humanities at W&M and imagine the possibilities.