thunder & lightning

Your mind is like the sky.

Sure, there are established pathways for ideas. The jet stream, the prevailing winds and exchanges of heat and moisture that provide sense and sensibility to all that intellectual traffic. There are days of light and clarity when it seems like you can think for miles. But then there are those moments of turmoil, when a bit of anxiety puts the currents in conflict. Mood pushes hard against motivation, ideas bounce off of increasingly agitated ideas. There’s friction. And that friction releases sound and light...and inspiration. Those are the moments we live for. When we find out what we really think. What we really know. Who we really are.

William & Mary offers more than 100 majors and minors that will keep your mental weather more than interesting. All of them taught by faculty of accomplishment and shared by students of passion. All of them supplemented with ample opportunity for research and independent study. All of them out there with a key and a kite, waiting for lightning to strike.

Visit W&M and see what the weather is like.