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The art of science.

They're called "canned labs." They're the type of scientific experimentation where the outcomes are known from the outset. It's the scientific equivalent of painting by numbers and a big reason why science and engineering are wrongfully equated with rules and restriction. At William & Mary, we help young scientists and mathematicians move from following instructions to following their imaginations.

The tools of the trade — the mass spectrometers, laser rangefinders and DNA microarrays — are easy enough to teach. What our incredible faculty offer W&M students is a personal tour of the mysteries of the micro and the cosmic, and a close reading of some truly beautiful software code. Students take this eye-opening new understanding and apply it to the questions that intrigue them, designing their own experiments and running their own analyses. Seventy percent of W&M undergraduates participate in mentored research or independent study. W&M is among the top 50 producers of graduates who go on to earn a Ph.D. in science or engineering. Our new Integrated Science Center helps prepare today's students to tackle tomorrow's scientific challenges.

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