heart & soul

One team, one Tribe.

First, a tip. If you're going to wake up at 6:33am on a Saturday and board a bus with 68 other Tribal Fever members to travel an hour to watch your Tribe football team take on the University of Richmond, carefully read the back of the five-gallon buckets of green and yellow house paint your buddy Jerome grabbed at Home Depot. "NOT FOR USE ON SKIN." Briefly consider the consequences of slathering yourself head to toe in this stuff (mild skin irritation, greenish neck in Monday morning sociology lecture, probably ruin your socks), and then remember that this is a conference game. Go Tribe!

William & Mary is a small, academically oriented liberal arts university with an arse-whooping athletics program. And we bleed green and gold. You haven't lived until you've seen a mild-mannered linguistics major go all linguistic on a bullhorn. "Oh, we will fight, fight, fight for the Tribe!" Oh, we will.

Come to W&M and fight for the Tribe.