hide & seek

What can you learn from a weathered brick wall?

Or a silent bronze statue? Or a meandering path through a clutch of loblolly pines? At William & Mary, you learn the value of being surrounded by natural beauty and living history. You learn that reading a biology textbook on your stomach in the Sunken Garden brings insights that wouldn't have occurred in a hard-backed study carrel in the library. You might also learn that biology textbooks make excellent pillows.

The timeworn beauty of the William & Mary campus makes for more than just excellent Instagram imagery. It visually and physically reinforces a powerful sense of place and purpose. You feel it when you walk through the arches of the Wren portico. It practically bounces back at you like an echo: “This is where it happens.” This is where you're given the freedom to follow the meandering paths of your own disparate passions. To be nudged by new ideas and embraced by ageless traditions.

Visit William & Mary to see (and feel) the difference for yourself.