naked & friendly

Our own private Groundhog Day.

If we could choose to live one day over and over again ad infinitum, it would be move-in day of our freshman year at William & Mary. It was as if every person we met had made a pact with him or herself to leave high school behind entirely. To drop the herd mentality, the social politics, the inclusion, the exclusion and the constant fear of public humiliation. Here, we all decided, we would just be ourselves. And man (!) has that made all the difference.

At W&M, we surround ourselves with people who are curious and brave, open to new experiences and willing (sometimes eager) to look like an idiot in the process. If something excites us, we dive in headfirst. If we fail, our friends give us a hug and it's on to the next thing. It's an accepting attitude and a positive outlook that's contagious, and it all started that first hot day in August when we were greeted by our beloved Griffin mascot, or as former The Daily Show host and W&M alumnus Jon Stewart referred to him, "the rare pantsless tailed eagle."

Come to W&M and come as you are.