near & far

William & Mary students are a curious bunch.

Ravenous is probably a better word. Not only do they want to read about anything and hear about everything, but they want to see it and smell it and feel it for themselves. And who can blame them? Compare a Tuesday morning biology lab with wading chest deep in the Amazon. Compare a reading on global supply chain management with a tour of the largest mango distributor in India. This isn't apples and oranges. It's apples and apple pie.

W&M has designed dozens of remarkable international programs to feed your global curiosity. In addition to formal exchange programs at international universities, we run faculty-led summer programs in more than a dozen countries. W&M students study abroad at rates higher than any other public university in the country. You even can earn a joint degree from W&M and the University of St Andrews by spending two years in Williamsburg and two years in Scotland. You might even acquire a cool, indecipherable accent.

So leave William & Mary. You'll come back as curious as ever.