show & tell

Please share.

Yes, that's an African-American guy in the Bhangra dance troupe. And yes, that's a Latina attending the NAACP meeting. It's not that we don't "see" color at William & Mary (frankly, that's ridiculous), we just don't believe in keeping a good thing to yourself. If your Salvadorian abuelita taught you how to make hand-formed pupusas stuffed with pork and black beans, please share. If we're in a discussion about rural access to quality health care and you grew up 352 miles from the nearest hospital, please share. And if you were blessed to be raised in a culture where spontaneous dancing is as routine as sneezing, then turn up the music and share, share, share.

But the most important reason we believe in diversity is because it's challenging. When the free Vietnamese food runs out at the Mosaic Festival, we need to be able to talk to one another and learn from one another across color, creed and chasms of experience. By walking the harder road of diversity, we grow to better understand where he comes from and she comes from and how — all together now — we can do more than we ever could have done alone.

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